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Xseed for Improved Male Fertility

Infertility is the inability to conceive a child with your partner solely through unprotected sex. Nearly 15% of couples will have to deal with infertility after spending a year unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant.

When the problem is with the male partner, it’s called male infertility.

Male infertility is a contributing factor in over 30% of infertility cases and is solely to blame for almost 20% of all infertility cases.

One of the most common causes of male infertility is sperm damage; Xseed male fertility supplements are formulated to make sure the sperm you produce are as healthy as possible to make your dreams of fatherhood a reality.


How Does Xseed Improve Sperm Health?

Xseed helps improve male fertility in three ways:

1) With powerful antioxidants:

The testes are responsible for producing not only sperm but also testosterone. But, your testes are located in a part of the body that has naturally low levels of oxygen.

Why are we designed this way?

It’s believed that this is actually a protective measure that mitigates the dangers of oxidative stress and free radical damage that could harm male fertility.1

What happens if this natural defense fails? Reduced or impaired male fertility.

In many men suffering infertility; antioxidant vitamins can help inhibit sperm damage and restore higher levels of male fertility. Xseed will provide your body with powerful antioxidants to help prevent free radicals from derailing your pregnancy plans.

2) By protecting sperm from mitochondrial DNA damage:

Your testes produce sperm rapidly, creating millions of cells that all have to carry your genes to fertilize the egg.

But, damage to the DNA of your sperm can result in improperly formed sperm that may not be able to travel the distance to the egg, or simply can’t fertilize it when they do.

In some men, this DNA damage occurs at the mitochondrial level due to genetic factors.

One genetic factor is an inherited trait that can cause DNA-repairing enzymes to fail2 which allows damaged or incomplete DNA to continue replicating; ultimately leading to increasing numbers of damaged sperm. Xseed male fertility supplements contain ingredients that can protect against DNA damage for healthier sperm.

3) Healthier aging:

Regardless your current good health; fertility declines with age.

Even if you have no genetic predisposition for damaged sperm; you will still experience higher rates of sperm damage with increasing age.3 Worse, overall sperm production also starts to decline, reducing your partner’s odds of getting pregnant.

Xseed fertility supplement is specially formulated to focus on the effects of aging in the testes by helping preserve tissue health and maintain healthy sperm production longer.

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